Choosing Your Champions When You Buy LOL Accounts

There are more than a hundred champions you would find when you buy LOL accounts.  The best way of choosing who is going to be your hero is to know their types.  They can be differentiated by the types of damage they could inflict on their enemies.  Check on the list below for the six classifications of LOL heroes. You can find more details on buy lol accounts on the site

  1. AD Carries – They are also known as the Marksmen. They are the best choice for the destruction of enemy turrets or elemental drakes.  Their focus is to cause physical damage. Weakness:  vulnerable defense

Popular Marksmen are Ashe, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune and Varus.

  1. AP Carries – Popularly known as Mages as well. These heroes cause powerful magic damage to their enemies.  They have different specializations – killing champions from a distance, cause damage to multiple targets.

Weakness:  Weak defenses and low mobility

Known Mages are Swain, Lux, Lissandra and Karthus

  1. Assassins – As the name implies, these individuals kill other champions as fast as possible, most of the time during skirmish. They go after Marksmen or Mages.  Once you buy LOL accounts, you would find out that they are known for having excellent mobility which enables them to defeat priority targets.

Weakness: Weak defenses once caught

Known Assassins are Diana, Fizz, Katarina and Zed

  1. Tanks – These are hard to kill heroes who help their team by soaking up the damage caused on them. They do have crowd control abilities that allow them to distract enemy forces.

Weakness:  inflicts less damage to enemies

Popular Tanks are Malphite, Sejuani, Rammu and Zac

  1. Fighters – These heroes have the combination of the attributes of a damage inflictor and a tank. Having such, they are able to survive long enough to get close on their target individual.

Weakness:  Moderate survivability once damaged

Known Fighters are Elise, Jax, Rek’Sai and Wukong

  1. Supports– They aid the rest of the champions in the team by providing healing, buffing team members and debuffing the opposing team.

Weakness: They don’t attack minions

Known Supports are Alistar, Nami, Soraka and Taric